Step 1 - Find the Fill Valve . Before you can do anything, you will need to locate the fill valve in your toilet tank. First, set up a towel flat on the floor. Then, remove the top of the tank to open it up,. DESCRIPTION. Kohler Toilet 1B1X Flush Valve Conversion Kit. SKU: K-84499. Includes fill valve flush valve flapper and needed gaskets. Complete rebuild kit for toilet flush valve.Used for. > FV KR 621 Kohler® Flush Valve Seal. Home / Flush Valve / FV KR 621 Kohler® Flush Valve Seal. FV KR 621 Kohler® Flush Valve Seal. Price: Class Five® replacement. Reviews (0) Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review “FV KR 621 Kohler® Flush Valve Seal” Cancel reply.

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